Vibey Studios

a place to create something new and wonderful...

Vibey Studios’ residential recording studio was created in 2003 as a place where the development of new and exciting projects could take place in the peace and seclusion necessary for the creation of the truly new and innovative.

James has worked as a artist developer/writer, producer and programmer for many years having been employed by music acts such as : U2, Dido, Phil Collins, Madonna, Sinead O'Connor, Brian Eno, Roxy Music, the Pet Shop Boys, Boy George, Faithless, The Cure, Kylie, The Manic Street Preachers' and many many more....

His first development project at Vibey Studios was the band Keane. The album ‘Hopes and Fears’ started here and won the prestigious 'Brit Award for Best Album in 2005.'

His most recent band development Rubylux, won the BMA for 'Best New Band', having just signed a deal with BMG

The majority of James’ time is spent in artist development but we have devoted weekends this summer to courses and tutoring projects.

James is available in an 'A and R' consultancy role for artist development for private acts as well as record company funded projects. James can also arrange private consultation for artist development via skype and ichat.

If you have a project that you feel would benefit from James's 'vibey, trippy' sound then email us.

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